Linux 3.0

Lo annuncia Linus. Io quoto per intero un commento apparso su Hacker News:

Despite all criticism and cynicism all over the Linux communities about the numbering and all that stuff, for me, every release of the Kernel (as well as any other major / dominant open source platform / project) is a reason for celebration.

It simply means, openness and freedom won the software/internet game. The fact there are people out there, spend the best of their times, contributing code and manuals docs, debugging and filing bugs, etc. etc. Is a sign that RMS and alike were not _”a bunch of hippies who likes to code for free”_ or even worst, a bunch of communists as some used to say at the beginning of Linux breakthrough.

From my own personal experience, it also means, the more open you will be, the more open software you will rely on, the more money you will make by the end of the day.

Thank you Linus, and all kernel contributors, for the great tools and platform you provided us for FREE!

In alto i calici!

[Oilproject] KDE 4.2: una panoramica sul desktop del futuro

Il 17 febbraio alle ore 21 Oilproject presenta una lezione dal titolo KDE 4.2: una panoramica sul desktop del futuro.
A cura di Dario Freddi e Riccardo Iaconelli, due giovani programmatori milanesi che collaborano con il gruppo internazionale di sviluppo del desktop manager KDE lavorando principalmente su Solid e Plasma. Hanno collaborato allo sviluppo dello stack di gestione energetica, della shell di Plasma, e a vari plasmoidi nell’albero principale di KDE. Lavorano inoltre su KDEmod e Chakra.

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