Jon Postel

   A long time ago, in a network, far far away, a great adventure took

   Out of the chaos of new ideas for communication, the experiments, the
   tentative designs, and crucible of testing, there emerged a
   cornucopia of networks.  Beginning with the ARPANET, an endless
   stream of networks evolved, and ultimately were interlinked to become
   the Internet.  Someone had to keep track of all the protocols, the
   identifiers, networks and addresses and ultimately the names of all
   the things in the networked universe.  And someone had to keep track
   of all the information that erupted with volcanic force from the
   intensity of the debates and discussions and endless invention that
   has continued unabated for 30 years.  That someone was Jonathan B.
   Postel, our Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, friend, engineer,
   confidant, leader, icon, and now, first of the giants to depart from
   our midst.

E’ bene non dimentarsi di ricordare personaggi come Jon Postel. Il loro ruolo. La capacità di vedere Internet non come era ma come sarebbe stata.

Ed in fondo

Security issues are not relevant to this Remembrance.

RFC 2468, firmata Vinton G. Cerf (qui tradotta)

TOTH da cui ho copiato l’idea,