links for 2008-10-21

  • The Financial Impact of Cyber Risk, an action guide for C-Suite executives, is the first known document that provides guidance to help CFOs and executives responsible for legal issues, business operations and technology, privacy and compliance, risk assessment and insurance, and corporate communications mitigate the impact of cyber attacks.
  • gives you a layer on top of the Internet. You can go to any page you wish, put a note, chat, picture or video on top of that page. Share your layer with friends, link to it from your blog, or just see what pops up when you surf around.
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  • é un portale Internet indipendente dedicato al confronto di tariffe ADSL. Confrontiamo esclusivamente offerte ADSL Flat (quindi ADSL a traffico illimitato), perché oggigiorno ci sembrano l'unica offerta valida per sfruttare Internet senza limiti e ad una buona velocità. Inoltre ci limitiamo a comparare tariffe ADSL definite di 'banda larga', ovvero ADSL con velocitá superiore ai 1,2 Mega.
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