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  1. Ho visto Jaiku per la prima volta qualche mese fa, quando ho conosciuto Teemu Arina una sera a cena con Robin Good. Giusto giusto vedo che il suo ultimo post parla della questione, ne riporto un breve estratto:

    Valleywag and many others are so off the record with the analysis of Jaiku being a Twitter clone and rival. I don’t see the core value or features being the same at all. Jaiku is older than Twitter and there is one thing the American’s don’t understand about the service: 3G enabled stand-alone application on your phone frees you from the intrusive nature and limitations of SMS and provides so much more. Jaiku also does lifestreaming rather than presence updates. Twitter is like American’s discovering SMS and Jaiku is like finnish people doing mobile communications right.

    Effettivamente il modo in cui Jaiku gestisce la “presence” mi ricorda quando qualche anno fa si parlava del PARLAY, ma poi..

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