Google sul Belgio

La posizione ufficiale di Google sull’affaire belga e’ comparsa su Google Blog:

Of course, if publishers don’t want their websites to appear in search results (most do) the robots.txt standard (something that webmasters understand) enables them to prevent automatically the indexing of their content. It’s nearly universally accepted and honoured by all reputable search engines.

Google News is no different than Google web search in this regard: We only ever show the headlines and a bit of text. If people want to read the entire story they have to click through to the newspaper’s website. And if a newspaper does not want to be part of Google News we remove their content from our index –- all they have to do is ask.

Mi pare ragionevole e ben comprensibile. Che anche le aziende editoriali si siano accorte che potrebbe essere utile stare piu’ nel foro del tribunale che non sul mercato?

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