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Simply headlines mi pare un servizio intelligente: permette di sfruttare i feed RSS senza fare nulla. Uno si iscrive e poi aspetta di ricevere una mail, impaginata come un giornata, con i contenuti che ha scelto. Comodo. Poi, appena terminata la conferma dell’iscrizione, ricevo questa:

Subject: Check out my news
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 16:14:28 -0500


I just signed up for SimplyHeadlines. It’s like a personal homepage sent
to my email everyday with just the headline and a quick blurb about only
the news that interests me. Great for staying on top of things and skimming.

Anyway, I signed up to receive the following:

– Yahoo! Weather – Redondo Beach, CA
– Yahoo! News: U.S. National w/ images
– AP: World News
– Los Angeles Times – Print Edition
– The Economist – Global Agenda
– US Business
– E! Online Latest News
– Yahoo! News: Odd News w/ images
– Wired News: Top Stories
– – Southern California High Tech News
– Today’s Word
– Yahoo! Top Stories w/ images

If you sign up as one of my friends, then we can share the list of news
sources that interest us.

Do me a favor and click here to join. It’s free and makes life easier.

[qui la URL per accettare, una URL di simplyheadlines]



p.s. In case you are wondering who I am, I created this little site.

Come Joshua? e Lowfares che c’azzecca? L’idea mi piace ma se ci fossero ulteriori elementi fastidiosi non manchero’ di segnalarli e lamentarmi…

Intanto provo a fidarmi di questa pagina e dello sbandierato logo “spam free”.

3 Replies to “Simply headlines”

  1. Ricevo (da Joshua) e pubblico:

    Da: Joshua Lippiner
    Oggetto: Sorry about SimplyHeadlines Bug Data: 15/09/06 17:21


    You may have noticed that when you tried to activate your SimplyHeadlines account yesterday or today you received an error. I updated a bunch of features and apparently something went odd. I apologize for this.

    Anyway, I have activated your subscription and sent you out today’s paper. You should receive it shortly. If you do not want to receive SimplyHeadlines in the future, log into and click to “Suspend Delivery.”

    Sorry about the trouble.

    Josh @ SH

    Vedi che ho ragione! Mi sto incasinando…

  2. Identica mail ricevuta pure qui. Ricevuto anche il primo “giornale” via mail. Mi piace abbastanza 🙂

  3. Joshua mi ha scritto spiegando l’inconveniente dell’indirizzo at lowfares dot com. Intanto pare funzionare discretamente bene…

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