Smarking plugin for WordPress

This plugin fetches RSS feeds from and displays them on your WP blog. It can be used to manage a “links” section in your blog to be populate with URIs or anything else you can grab from smarking.

This plugin has been heavily inspired from the Delicious Plugin for WordPress by Chris Metcalf.

Requires: WordPress 1.5 or greater (includes magpie).


  • Place the plugin (smarka.php) in your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Create a cache directory that your web server can write to. I created a folder inside wp-content/plugins named “smarking_cache” and chgrp/chmodded it to the proper group permissions (r/w).
  • Edit smarka.php and fill out the values in the CONFIGURATION section.
  • Enable the smarking plugin in the “Plugins” section of your WordPress administration panel.
  • modify your template calling the “smarka” function


From anywhere in your WordPress template, call the function “smarka(…)”, which takes the following parameters (all parameters have default values):

  • rss_feed_url (default: "") – URL: you will probably use “”
  • num_items (default: 10) – Max items to retrieve
  • show_description (default: true) – Whether you want display the description
  • random (default: false) – If you want to randomize the order
  • before (default: “<li>”) – Whatever (text or tag) you want before the link
  • after (default: “</li>”) – Whatever (text or tag) you want before the link
  • description_seperator (default: “ - “) – Whatever you want between link and description


Latest 10 links I’ve tagged as “myLinks”, with descriptions:

<h2>myLinks from Smarking</h2>
<?php smarka('', 10); ?>

Twenty random URLs tagged as “blogs”, without descriptions:

<h2>Blogs from Smarking</h2>
<?php smarka('', 20, false, true); ?>

More info and examples from: Smarking :: Aiuto & Documentazione > RSS, in italian (in english you can ask for support on Google Smarking Group)


You can download the latest version from


Comments and questions should be directed to this post.


This code is licensed under the GNU Public License.